Impressive Selection for any Occasion


  • Each                     €1.50
  • Includes Mango chutney, Lime Pickle, Mint Yougart and Chopped Salad
    (Onions, Tomatoe, and Cucumber).

    What It Looks Like...

    Vegetable Pakora
    (price €3.90)
    Chicken Tikka
    (price €4.95)
    Lamb Tikka
    (price €6.50)
    Tandoori Chicken
    (price €4.75)
    Tandoori Prawns
    (price €9.50)
    Veg Samosas
    (price €3.90)
    Onion Bhaji
    (price €3.90)
    Paneer Samosas
    (price €3.90)
    Sheekh Kebab
    (price €5.40)
    Tandoori Mixed Grill
    (price €12.50)
    King Prawn Puree
    (price €8.75)
    Prawn Puree
    (price €6.90)

    Tandoori Starters

    • €4.75Tandoori Chicken
    • €4.75Chicken Kebab
    • €4.95Chicken Tikka
    • €5.40Sheekh Kebab
    • €6.50Lamb Tikka
    • €9.50Tandoori Prawns (For 2 People)
    • €12.50Tandoori Mixed Grill (For 2 People)
      Chicken Tikka, Kebab, Lamb Tikka and Tandoori Chicken.
    • Classic Starters

    • €3.90Vegetable Samosas
      Spicy vegetables wrapped in a crispy pastry.
    • €3.90Chicken Samosas
      Spicy chicken mince with peas and peppers wrapped
      in a crispy pastry.
    • €3.90Paneer Samosas
      Homemade Indian cheese with coconut and beetroot
      in a crispy pastry.
    • €3.90Onion Bhaji
      Deep fried sliced onion mixed with spices.
    • €3.90Vegetable Pakora
      Vegetables, herbs and spices fried in gram flour batter.
    • €6.90Prawn Puree
      Shrimps on a thick sauce served on a flat fried bread.
    • €8.75King Prawn Puree
      Prawns on a thick sauce served on a fried flat bread.
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