Impressive Selection for any Occasion

Rice, Sundries & Naans

  • €2.95 Plain Rice
    Boiled basmati rice
  • €3.45 Pilau Rice
    Coloured basmati rice,flavoured with whole spices
  • €4.20 Mushroom Pilau Rice
    Basmati rice with mushrooms.
  • €3.25 Raita
    Yoghurt with cucumber and tomato.
  • €3.00 Tandoori Nan
    Leavened tandoori bread.
  • €3.40 Garlic Nan
    Leavened tandoori bred flavoured with garlic.
  • €3.60 Peshwari Nan
    Leavened bread with fine nuts and sultanas.
  • €4.95 Keema Nan
    Leavened bread stuffed with spicy minced lamb.
  • €3.50 Tandoori Paratha
    Extra light unleavened bread, buttered and baked in the Tandoor.
  • €2.50 Tandoori Roti
    Crispy unleavened tandoori bread.
  • £3.50 Stuffed Paratha
    Unleavened bread filled with spicy vegetables and herbs.

Vegetable Side Dishes

  • €5.25Mixed Vegetable Curry
    A variety of vegetables cooked in a spicy curry sauce.
  • €5.75Karahi Vegetable
    Fresh mixed vegetables with herbs, tomatos and green peppers.
  • €5.25Gobi Alu
    Cauliflower with potatoes.
  • €5.75Balti Vegetable
    Vegetables cooked in our special balti recipe with coriander.
  • €5.25Bengan Bhaji
    Aubergines cooked with spices and herbs.
  • €5.25Mushroom Bhaji
    Mushrooms cooked with spices.
  • €5.25Tarka Daal
    Mixed lentils cooked with onions and spices.
  • €5.25Channa
    Chickpeas cooked in an onion and tomato curry sauce.
  • €5.80Saag Paneer
    Indian cottage cheese cubes with spicy spinach.
  • €5.25Saag Alu
    Spinach with potatoes.
  • €5.25Bombay Alu
    Spicy potatoes.
  • €5.25Malai Kofta
    Mixed vegetable balls, fried and cooked in a lightly spicedsauce with almonds, coconuts and cream.
  • €5.25Rajmah
    Red beans cooked with garlic and tomato.
  • €6.75Bhindi Bhaji - Okra
    Lady fingers cooked in onion with peppers and onion.

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